Available editions

French sculptor Val - Valérie Goutard - with Sculptureval

Val created just over three hundred sculptures during her official career as a sculptor which began in 2004 and will end with her tragic death on 27th of October 2016.
She has edited the vast majority of her artworks on a classic edition scheme for bronzes called “original sculpture” and comprising eight editions numbered from 1/8 to 8/8 and four artist proofs numbered from EA I / IV to EA IV / IV. She produced only four series numbered from 1/100 to 100/100 as well as twenty unique pieces.

Her agent and husband did a precise inventory work listing all her creations that he officially published in the catalogue raisonné of Val.
From 2008, Val and her husband built a sculptor’s studio where the moulds of Val’s artworks are still preciously preserved and allowing to continue to cast the editions of her sculptures whose editing scheme is not yet depleted thanks to the assistance of loyal apprentices that Val had trained and who still work in her workshop and to her foundries.
In addition to these post-mortem fonts, which are still available, Sculptureval also owns a large collection of ante-mortem artworks.

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