Monumental human course

Du chaos à la sagesse
A sculpture that marks the history of art.

Throughout history man has created monumental works responding to a need to strengthen himself by glorifying : a God, a religion, a city, a nation, a leader … At the beginning of the 21st century an artist, the artist Val, had the opportunity to create a monumental work on the journey of the unconscious of man confronted with his existence and the landscape he must cross to reach wisdom. [ + ]

Ocean utopia by Val

Nature is my daily comfort, the reason why I feel hopeful and grateful, the beauty of it, the continuous movement, the buoyancy, its immense diversity and its fabulous uniqueness.

The underwater seascape offers even more variety and life.

I like sculptures to interact with nature, changing aspect thanks to the outdoors shadows in the day or moon light depending on the weather, the time of the day or the season. I like observing the evolution of corrosion of the medium. [ + ]